about how i knew you were the one

When you speak to one who has been so fortunate to find someone that they call forever, invariably that realization came in a sudden, magical moment. In a single sentence or gesture or action or event, it became apparent to that pair that the connection they each felt was permanent. That there would be no life without the other. We all know people who can recite that moment like gospel. If we're lucky, we may know a couple dozen. And if we are very, very lucky - more lucky than any in the world - we can recount that moment ourselves.

These experiences, by their nature, are occasional and rare. They are more difficult to collect than wealth and more precious than air. They are turning points that irrevocably shape the lives that follow in ways so singular and unique, they become our favorite stories to tell. They become as permanent as the relationships they catalyze - the crown jewels of the richest memories we hold.

This website is a collection of those moments submitted by those who have lived those stories. Brief so as to not ornament their beauty with baubles and anonymous so as to not cheapen their value with public broadcast, how i knew you were the one is a creative container for these tales. It is a living web service that encourages users to view these moments themselves, like and share them with their loved ones and submit their own to create a greater, more radiant story through their addition.

This is a collection of pure magic as told by the luckiest people on Earth.

about the developer

Rob Spectre created how i knew you were the one over a few rainy days in mid-October of 2010 with the help of CodeIgniter, a case of Sam Adams and half a bottle of Knappogue.

In addition to this site, he is a contributor to a few open source projects, a hacker for Boxee and the creator of many other flippant web apps including the unInternet robotic comedy service Laugh-o-Tron. Until recently, he used to have the worst haircut in New York.

Living and loving in Brooklyn, he enjoys laughing, writing and busting heads at the punk rock show.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. Created by Rob Spectre. Lovingly crafted in Brooklyn, New York.