i knew she was the one when:

She coquettishly covered her face with both of her hands (crossed mind you) and looked at me with her big blue eyes. Then uncovered her face and pounced on me screaming "DON'T you dare take a picture of me." I told her I wasn't going to take a picture of her and that I was only going to take a video. I watch that video at least once a week still.

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Monday, 18 July New York, NY

i knew he was the one when:

He changed my iPod to play Adele.

Saturday, 4 June New York City

i knew he was the one when:

He texted, "one month til Shark Week."

Saturday, 21 May Brooklyn, NY

i knew he was the one when:

He complimented a physical feature about which I'd long been insecure. It's this little mole on my face, and he was sketching me for his art class, when he said, "Hey, we have matching moles" and said he loved the way mine looked. I knew I loved this person who could make me feel great about something about myself I had long disliked. I knew if he had a matching mole, it was something I could love about myself.

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Friday, 20 May Manchester

i knew he was the one when:

I skipped school in the morning to see him, and had to race back in time to have my class photo taken in the afternoon. I was a mess; wild hair, flushed, clothes everywhere, no make-up. When the photo came back I looked at it and for the first time in my life I didn't think "I'm so ugly, I'm so thin, I'm so ordinary". I didn't look plain at all. I looked happy. For the first time ever I looked at myself and thought "That's me. That's the girl I want to be."

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i knew she was the one when:

I was dancing with her and I kept looking down at my feet to make sure I wouldn't step on hers.

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